Is Twitter Marketing Beneficial for You?


How is Twitter responding to marketing strategy? Is your strategy right – are you saying the right things. 145 characters is quite a tight space when you want to say a lot! This article may help you get more out of your account than you have been doing so far

There are three things you will find behind the success of every Twitter marketing campaign.

1. Originality
1. A targeted audience
2. Solid content
3. Authenticity

Make sure that your marketing campaign on Twitter has these four components, because unless you have them you will probably stumble. Twitter is often not used to its full capacity by businesses largely because they don’t completely understand it or how it can benefit.

Savvy operators will hire knowledgeable staff to help with this but the rewards (pay) is usually another stumbling block.

Twitter is approached differently by different businesses. Some will take the point of view that they are providing a helpful service and therefore provide specific and helpful tips and advice. Others will take the mentality of a broadcaster.

There is no right or wrong approach and there are certainly tons of different strategies that are widely adopted. What one business finds works might not be right for another. Be mindful that if you are being helpful, informative, and pleasant, that people will find their way to you; having a good attitude will attract others to you. Users tend to get rid of the broadcasters and vacuous chatter that lacks any value.

Here’s the thing, did you know that Twitter searches are one of the most powerful marketing research tools available and will help you target your audience right down to a keyword or zip or postal code. Be sure to take advantage of their advanced search facility too. Right now is the right time for you to get at Twitter account and another angle for your marketing strategy; it isn’t too expensive and it is highly beneficial.

As you grow it can be challenging to return the follow to everyone that follows you. A good rule of thumb is to return the follow to those who have authenticity in their connection with you. For example, you share a market such as tourism.

Don’t worry about returning the follow of those that go along and follow everyone in hopes of generating follows for themselves with little authenticity in their efforts. If the worthwhile returns do become to challenging it is worth recruiting a part time VA (virtual assistant), or using another outsourcing channel such as a freelancing website or Fiverr, for example.

There is much written in favor of using Twitter lists, so I would suggest you invest some time to discover what they are all about. There are different categories, so use them strategically to plan and place your message to best advantage in terms of the exact message you want to send to different demographics of your audience.

If you can become familiar and competent with Twitter it will prove to be one of your strongest marketing strategies because there are many advantages it can offer.

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