Is there still any mileage in Blogging?



Indeed… is there still any mileage in blogging?

Well, it’s true to say that it has moved on just a little bit since the early days of and I would be very wary about a account. Both these became the legal owners of anything that you published or uploaded to them.

It is also true to say that Blogging has evolved into one of the best playgrounds for people in your niche, whatever your niche is. The perceived view is more than that of its basic function; a journal. In the eyes of all who surf the Internet (the majority of the World population?), it is a website, shop front, journal, all rolled into one.

For the sake of assumption – that you are in the information business to create income, as long as your prime motive is to help people through your knowledge, and understand that money is a by-product then the platform of blogging is one of the best available IF your research indicated that your target market actively populates blogs.

When you are familiar with the blogging platform, and understand the workings of them, you will be ready to male make contributions and comments in the blogs you identify with. However, for a beginner blog marketer, you should take it slowly and in incremental steps. You should do things in a carefully structures order which will help to keep you from getting stressed and overwhelmed by it all.

The first thing that you want to do is find an appropriate niche to blog about. This could be anything that you know, want to know, or want to learn, but more crucially, to focus on the needs of your target market. Your objective should be to become an expert in that field. The more you know, the more you can bring to the table. The niche can be anything that you want it to be within what the needs of your market are. It can be as complicated or as simple as you are comfortable with. Find out what the mood is within your niche and provide answers. If you work on this format you will come up with a blog, and be able to contribute to third party blogs before you know it.

Now that you know what your blog will be all about, you are ready to get down to business. First of all you want to decide how often you will update your blog. Only testing will provide the answers this; some prefer daily, others every other day, others weekly. Whichever you choose, stick with it, but be prepared to adjust to the results of testing. be sure to keep regular posts. Once you get readers to your blog you want them to know that you will update it as often as you say you will. They need to know how often to check and visit your blog for new information. If you post like you say you will, you will end up with a large reader base that will follow you anywhere.

So now that you have a niche, and have decided how often your blog will be updated, it is time to get down to some marketing. To begin with, you need to get back links. Back links are important and they mean that someone is linking to you. There are a few ways that you can get these much needed links. You can look around on the internet and find some sites that are relevant to your niche and request a link, or (and this is the way I would advocate and recommend) you should post comments on other blogs that are relevant; they all facilitate space for you to leave a link after your comment or contribution. Either way, they both work and they both count as links that you need to your blog.

Are you trying to market from your blog? Presumably so, and many would advise that if you are going to find that promoting products in your blog as an additional marketing technique that you can employ it and make lots of money from it, whether it is affiliate links, or your own products and services that you are promoting. I’m not so sure about this, and would suggest that if you don’t have too much traction in the market, then you suffix all your content with a link to your opt-in page first. This is crucial if people find your blog before your squeeze page.

That said, you will find that blog marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out and let people know that you are in business.

With the great array of tools are out there for blog marketing, it is really hard to have a blog fail if you run one correctly. My advice is to run your blog on self-hosting (for example Hostgator’s cPanel, using their “.org” WordPress) which pings every time you publish fresh content.

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