The Internet Online Information Business and the Momentum Factor



Apart from the technical, which can be outsourced, there are multiple elements that go into the overall mix of building something that resembles a good online business.

–> Hard work

–> Accumulation of knowledge

–> The ability to pass that knowledge to others

–> Continuously educating yourself

–> Continuously educating others

–> Uploading huge amounts of information to online platforms

And so on.

There’s one key factor that molds all of the above (and much else too) together:


You need to keep going, to keep building, to keep each and every one of those elements I mentioned above on the go.

You need to keep the momentum (or drive) going – it’s vital, not only for the formative days, weeks, and months, in a different way, even the big marketing names understand the value of

It is about creating and developing your presence, and often even when you’ve been around a while, it is vital for people to get to see you, so drive is paramount. Keep feeding the market.

Momentum is not easy as there a are a thousand things demanding our attention from all directions, on and off line. It is important to set aside “you” time every day so that you can create, and keep that drive consistent – like you do breathing eating and sleeping.

Your research will show you where you need to be placing yourself for your audience; you should be spending your time where they spend their time. This about your drive to become part of those communities so your objective should be to make regular contributions to each of those places… simply answer their questions, or add to comments – there will be plenty of them.

This will get cumbersome, boring, and tedious. This is where the majority will fail then wonder why they get no business and move onto the next shiny object to fulfill their need for an easier system that better-suits their personality. So they set off on another journey, and the same thing happens.

Momentum drops, boredom sets in, next shiny object beckons.

The only thing they end up driving and pushing is a false dawn.

Surely you don’t want to be one of those statistics do you – right?

Then do plenty of diligent research, decide what expertise you can bring to the table to contribute to a worthwhile niche in which there is plenty of activity, and get to work. There is no substitute.

Most need guidance from a mentor – you may do too – so go find one!

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