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Have you ever given much thought to what you want from Internet marketing?

The majority think they know what they want but when prompted for an answer or a description of what they really want, what they really crave, they often struggle to know. This is interesting because with a little coaxing and investigation from a good coach it is quite a straightforward process to place clients into a thought process from which they begin to formulate an analysis of what they really want and more importantly how they might be able to move forward and discover is there is actually a market that needs their help.

Internet marketing is a process of providing information to those who need it, and as long as there are people coming online every day (and there are), there is opportunity for them to helped. Saturated markets are a myth because we all have a unique voice and perspective on everything.

So, we all want to help people – right?

That puts each and every one of us into a position of expertise in one context or another. You answer someone’s question, or provide some information (content) about something (your niche), and someone finds they can put that content to good use, then by definition you are an expert, trainer, or coach, at that thing.

Now, the framework of encapsulating this process is your business model, and it is structured from a few simple component parts:

  • A vehicle or platform for delivery
  • A way to reach out to the people who want what you have
  • Building a community
  • A way for your subscribers to invest in you.

And what you will find is that this process can be quickened and heightened by hiring someone to teach you have to do it – someone who has been there before you and can pass on their knowledge. The critical thing to understand is that, as I alluded to earlier, you will from some point need to invest in your future.

Hers’ the thing, you may have to speculate a lot too, because you many not find that the first coach you hire will be suitable; there is nothing you can do about this, it’s all part of the learning curve and everyone goes through it. I have found that since I have been online, there are only two coaches with whom I have a good fit, and their styles are quite contrasting.

Generally I have found that I prefer someone who has had experience off-line too, i.e. they are not a career Internet marketer or Info business marketer – like career politicians, I prefer one that has spent time in the off-line World too.

I have 30 years industrial manufacturing, design, and marketing experience behind me and now we are in the “Information Age” I enjoy bringing things online to enhance (I hope) the Information business, and finding ways to help people like you.

You want to become an authority – yes? Every authority has only become so with the help of a coach.

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