I have seen some questions recently that suggest the same common problem…


I have seen some questions recently that suggest the same common problem… and those questions just never seem to go away. Thousands of people are still asking about how they set to structuring a procedure for acquiring subscribers into their business.

Now, for the more seasoned of us, structuring has become second nature, but there are still thousands and thousands of people who are blinded by information overload, and believe it or not there is not sufficient room or space in the business of very online expert, to meet with the market demand, so saturated markets are pretty close to a myth.

That said I think the problem lies in two components:

1) First, there is actually too much information online now (yes, I know that sound contrary to what I just said, but bear with me a moment), and the more people that decide they want to have an online information business, the more information there appears to be, and the more confusing everything becomes.

2) Much of this information is only there thanks to clever marketing, or in other words, strategized by marketers who only want make money – helping people is not their top priority. in other words it is short-lived bling.

So is it any wonder that the aspiring Internet marketer struggles to know which direction to channel their effort, time, and what are probably fairly minimal resources?

Here’s the thing: there is no way that anyone will want to invest in you if they do not know you. So you have to create a way for them to invest in you.

And that means you have to become noticed – in what is a vast chasm of everything everywhere online.

So, what to do?

The first thing is that you have to have to invest something, somehow, in yourself. Take a long look at what you already have and what you already have in terms of what and how you could bring something of value “to the table”.

Then you have to formulate a plan into which you need to map your resources into an objective. The way to find out what your objective is, is to visit the relevant blogs, social media, and websites, where your market niche asks questions, then you’ll know what to provide for them.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find where they are, and few relevant phrases typed into search engines should reveal plenty.

(or at least it will be difficult to try anything different

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