How You Can Have an Awesome Marketing Campaign


There’s a tremendous number of marketing campaigns taking place. Everyone is busily putting together their campaign, but many without even a little understanding of what they need to be accomplished. So let’s look at how you can have an awesome marketing campaign and really enjoy the benefits.

If there is anything holding you back in you information business it is definitely not the opportunities of marketing or chance to occupy a certain strategy.

It can be easier said than done, and some will just appreciate a nudge in the right direction because there’s an array of avenues we can follow and often it’s confusing to decide which one will work out best for us. Ultimately there is no substitute for consistent testing and monitoring your results, but the following will I hope, help you…

Just Be Yourself

Did you know that you can turn your campaign web page into a social hub blog?

I would send everyone to our squeeze page initially so that you can bring subscribers into your business.

From your emails – which should be enticing regardless – you should add a link beneath you signature which will lead to your main blog. Do this in every email you send so that your subscribers will see it, but only when they are subscribers. Over time, as your subscriber base grows and you become a known presence, should you send readers to your blog or webpage; you need to become known and trusted first.

Of course this implies that the thread or chain of your message, form the point at which your readers see your content in Social Media, needs to be appealing enough for them to respond as you desire them to. Anyhow, this is how you need to be thinking.

Traditional Media Partnerships

If you really want to get the most out of your marketing campaign and your hashtags, work towards making yourself appealing to potential partners in your niche too, with traditional online media to create a strong awareness and brand recognitions. The information business community is awash with success stories that underpin the validity this strategy.

If you’re paying for promotion, be Strategic

I want to mention this so that you are informed, but I would stay clear of paying for advertising or promotion until you have some good traction online and results coming through that signal that you are getting some decent recurring income from your information business (this should be reflected in your bank account!)

Here’s the thing: Not all promotions are going to come to you free. Some of your marketing campaigns are going to involve you paying for them. How much will usually depend on A) your budget and B) how many people you expect to reach. For example a marketing campaign that reaches 50 million people is going to cost a lot more than a campaign that reaches 5000 people. Don’t just spend your money. Make sure that you are being strategic when you pay for promotions.

I would suggest you stick to free methods for the time being – they are, and always will be my favorite anyway because I believe the standard of people joining your list will be of a better quality through organic marketing. As ever, your test results will reveal where your money and time are best invested.

Search for Real Time Marketing Opportunities

You need to keep your marketing campaign fresh and interesting. The best way to do this is to be creative and innovative, and find a real time marketing opportunity that connects with current trends and interests. be careful to use such campaigns in the context of delivering evergreen information.

As I mentioned, your success with any marketing campaign is a measure of the results you achieve. You need to measure and monitor your metrics, including your social metrics and brand metrics to tell how effective your marketing campaign is. Then adjust or change accordingly. you cannot get any meaningful results if you only have a few pieces of content uploaded – you need to be thinking in terms of at least a couple of hundred before can expect to make sensible judgments.

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