How to Write Content to build websites


Writing content is more than just writing articles to fill up your website pages.
Have you ever considered how many different ways you can write about things?

Off the top of my head I can think of at least 10 different ways to give information on your Online Information Business pages

Here are a few to get your creative instincts working:

What topics you can write about? I don’t necessarily mean writing articles, although you should also do exactly that; but this is more about thinking about alternative and additional methods.

Writing information is open to many channels of approach:

Writing product reviews
Product reviews are always worth other people’s opinions, so if you’ve invested in something, and better still used it, you should be able to give a report about its performance. Either include product reviews as part of you main site, or create a separate sine dedicated to reviews.

Another thing; you need not restrict product reviews to downloadable digital products like the majority of them are; there’s nothing to stop you writing a review about a one-to-one, or group coaching session. If it was a good one, and you had a rewarding experience, the coach may be open to a deal with you in exchange for “promoting” their product… in this context it could stand as a testimonial.

Writing lessons
Lessons comprising content that teaches your readers and subscription members to make progress are where you will be able to justify financial nvestment. Wrap up information in the format of lesson so that you can pre-upload into a schedule that can be delivered through your autoresponder.

Writing observation is exactly that. You must have been around forums, websites, blogs and so on, and seen information about your niche, and within seconds formed an opinion about what you’ve read, listened to, or watched. Has the information inspired you, or repelled you? Either way there’s an observation waiting to be written. Maybe you’ve seen something which you think can be re-written in a better way so that more people will understand.

writing of experiences
What has happened to you in your business-building journey recently? Anything you can tell the World about. I’s wager you have spent at least some time on Social Media talking about things with the people you know. Well you’re building an online business for yourself now, so why not let the Information Business community know what you’re up to. You know, even the experts can learn new things from inexperienced people who have just as much chance of stumbling upon something new in their research , than those who have been in the business for years.

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