How to Use YouTube to Build Websites


YouTube is the second most used search engine on the internet.

Seems implausible doesn’t it?

Well it’s a fact

So that would suggest that it is a good thing to be able to use it to the advantage of your Online Information Business – yes?

The majority of people are nervous about recording themselves, but for those with the will and desire to crack this nervous nut, there’s a massive opportunity there for you, and surely that’s worth sacrificing time to learn a new, vital skill set?.

I think so; I really believe it.

There’s a plan of action to make the most of YT media, and that can be done in two different ways:

• One, you can use YT to drive traffic to your website

• Two, you can upload YT media to your website to enhance the choice of content and appeal to a wider audience.

If you’re not happy about the prospect of recording yourself, verbally and/or visually, worry not; it is about getting something visible, it is NOT about getting something perfect.

When I say perfect I mean in terms of general quality; saying “erm” or “uhm” every second word will not help you. Because your first few recordings are going to be a little amateurish you can soon replace them when you become more efficient and confident.


Start with recording yourself reading some article out loud – seriously, just do it. There is a wide range of free and pay-for recording software that you can find within a few minutes of searching.

For the effort it takes (and there will be a learning curve, depending on hour level of confidence) it is well worth getting through that pain barrier.

When you have completed your recording use the “save as” option in your software to give it a title and save your new recording to your file or folder.

Then go into your YT account and upload from your folder. Critically, you also need to add your call to action prompt otherwise it’s a whole load of time wasted! I’d rather remind you of the obvious than have you forget.

Having a YouTube video requires the same attention to detail as any other format of media optimization; it’s not an exciting part of the job, but getting it right will pay dividends.


Uploading it to your website is an option too but a little different because it is not a stand-alone item of information. It is still worth doing because people will find your information from a variety of different angles, so covering all bases is never a bad idea. You can check your stats periodically and judge the performance of both placements.

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