How to Use Your Own Voice in the Articles You Write


How can you send a message to your audience that doesn’t read to them like you are just regurgitating the same old things.

There are a couple of ways you can do this, but the main one is to realize that you are an individual with an individual voice.

No one, anywhere, any time, can tell a message in exactly the same way you can.

your voice is unique.

Here’s the thing – people don’t use their voice.

It is the rout of least resistance to follow the crowd and tell the same story.

Lets’ take the wheel for the sake of an example:

Sure, the wheel is not for reinventing, but there are different ways the wheel can be made, designed, styled and so on.

And the beauty is that all of these ways lend themselves to a different type of wheel.

Seriously… how many different wheels for different applications can you think of? The list is inexhaustible.

Now, unless the mechanics have changed since I wrote this, a wheel does but one thing… it goes round and round on center of one kind or another.

That’s all it does; it cannot be changed.

If it’s changed, then no longer is it a wheel – right?

But, a wheel always does the same job

Same with writing articles – generally speaking you are presented with the same information each time, BUT you will receive it in different ways, different ways to do the same things…

In other words, you are being given alternatives 

And you can do exactly the same when you are sending information to yoru own audience; the same thing applies to everyone anywhere, including the online information business.

So even if there was no 1, 2, 3 step formula to this, one could be derived – actually I have written this article in two sittings, meanwhile having started a product showing my subscribers how to do exactly what I have just been writing about; there’ll be an article too.

That’s what happens when I take a look at a different style of wheel… it gets me thinking and my internal wheels start turning…

My internal gear wheels start meshing together and I go up through my mental gears.

I hope this article has given you a bit of an insight and some food for thought?

What’s happening in the gear wheels of your mind right now?

Are they turning, meshing, and making you think?

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