How to use Graph Search to Get More From Your Facebook Marketing


Here’s a technique that will only be borne out by testing and the passage of time, but it may be worthwhile you investigating it, simply because of the popularity of Facebook per se.

Yes, there have been changes over the years and one of the ways that FB sued was to implement their own indexing procedure.

I am no expert in FB, but would be in dereliction of my duties not to bring this strategy to the attention of me readers. As I said, you will need to test it over a length of time that first with your overall marketing campaign, but it could be argued that that is the same criteria for any and every campaign you run.

So what is this “graph” thing all about?

  • Research the Hashtags

It is a common misconception to think that the messaging with hashtags is only applicable for use on Instagram or Twitter. Facebook is also a great place to use hashtags to bring people together around your information business and to interest those who are yet to become followers or part of your business community. You can see where hashtags that are trending on Twitter and plug them into your Facebook graph search. When you analyze your followers and audience, the important aspects are to establish trends and what is trending.

  • What is your competition doing

Search your competition and with Graph Search you’ll soon be able to see all the talk and activity throughout their network. Of course, you can also have a look to see what your business is doing. There is a lot of information here. Have a look and see how your competition is communicating and interacting with their customer base and what is and isn’t working for them. This can be a crucial time saver.

  • Seek Interests That Overlap

Important to your content marketing is determining what it is that your audience likes and wants in addition to your own brand. Being in receipt of this information will provide you with new avenues from which to engage with your followers who are always open to ideas and information that will really pique their interest. Facebook graph searches make this easier. When you are armed with the correct kind of knowledge you can make sensible decisions that will lead to success for your business.

There is useful information that emerges from Facebook graph, and this information can be a good indicator of what is or is not working for your competition (I have written and discussed much about the merits of competition elsewhere)

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