How to Use Facebook contests to Expand Your Email List



Do you want to increase your email subscribers? Do you currently run Facebook contests? If you answered yes – good for you, because contests are a great way to capture email leads.

I’m not so keen on running contests; they’re just not “my bag” so to speak, although to risk contradicting myself I have been known to rib the odd one or two.

However, they are a popular and successful way of promoting online businesses so being a great believer in choice; I would in dereliction of duty if I were not to bring this strategy to your attention.

Here are some aspects to take into consideration, some food for thought if you like:

1) Find Your Niche and Feed It

If you have a niche business, hold on to it. Take the time to come up with a contest your fans will like. For example, let’s say your niche is owners of tropical fish; you could run a photo contest for which your subscribers are prompted or invited to upload their fish and choose the best image. The vote would be who subscribers thought best contribution.

The image with the most votes wins a prize, as does the vote. If there’s more than one winner, or wining vote, strategize accordingly. This approach has proved to be a winning tactic with meaningful outcomes. You win because votes and contributions are through opt-in.

2) Offer Multiple Prizes

If you offer multiple prizes, more people are more likely to enter because they are more likely to win. Make entry easy – name, email and phone number or address (people will part with their address easier than their phone number).

Make sure you brand your contest well and let the entries flow and the promotion go viral on Facebook. Asking for their email by opting in grows your email list.

3) Offer Something Exclusive

Offering something that’s considered a once in a lifetime opportunity or something that’s rarely going to happen to a number of winners is going to draw a great deal of interest. For example, you might be able to arrange a special meeting with a President or special VIP package at a concert.

The contest needs to be branded well and portray exclusivity or that the winner is a VIP. They enter by opting in and providing their email address and sharing it on Facebook.

4) Offer Support

Businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to offer a contest for a local event. For example, promoting an entry into a draw for an upcoming concert or sporting event. Lots of people will feel inclined to enter.

The route to entry is that they need to opt in and provide their email address and share the contest on Facebook – thus you build your email list.

If you run an online business, you can still use this technique by offering something in your niche. For example, if you sell marketing training, then offer to draw for your course.

I have of course been approached by one or two that ask me how all this figures for those who are not online. The point of all this, and the point of my business is for those (the majority) who are online, and if they are still keen on the method, to seek those who run such events in their local off line community

Have a think about those four methods; they might be something you would like to try, and have certainly proved very successful within a broad range of niches within the information business community.

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