How to Make Your WordPress Theme Personal


WordPress is simply amazing – probably the best thing that has happened in the field of website design and editing since website design and editing came into being in the first place. WP developed off the evolution of blogging, as an alternative platform. Blogging suddenly became a whole lot more versatile, blogs could then be uploaded and run through cPanel accounts and hence bloggers could actually own their own blogs (instead of them being owned by Google or WordPress) – which became more and more sophistication.

It was truly a worthy skill set to acquire that od writing html pages in a web editor, and people still do. There’s even the convenience of “WYSIWYG” interfaces. However, whichever way html can be done, it still remains a time-consuming and relatively clunky operation. With so many add on add ins, icons by the thousand, amazing plugins, why would anyone serious about building an online information business not want to go through the learning curve of WordPress.

Themes… how many themes can you find on Google. There are more themes, free and pay-for than you could ever get bored with. I guarantee that there are several available for whatever niche you are in, and would challenge you not to find one.
In the WP beginning, there was a directory of well over 30 choices for you. Every theme for every niche was covered.

All said though, there were still things that could not be done and we were dealing with a rather “standard” look in terms of layout and edit-ability.

It seemed WP was taking notes, and soon there were widgets. Not to be content with those WP plugins arrived and toil interfaces that facilitated deeper levels of customization. What’s more a lot of these add-ins are free too – even if they do take a bit more time to learn; well worth the effort if you’re on a tight budget.

What you may find on an auction site is a “ticker tape” style banner. And how about being able to personalize a theme? You can do this with widgets, plugins, and editing, all facilitated. No more messing about with .html or .php – unless you want to of course.

So what do you do if you get bored with one of the above? Just change it for another… easy! And don’t forget, you can create some more content to explain your change.

With a n array of available to you, you can alter layout and codes as much as you like, or outsource them for someone else to re-code. One piece of advice: always save the original to notepad or similar.

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