How to Create an Enticing Marketing Campaign Using Hashtag


Do you use hashtags? Are your running hashtag campaigns? If you said yes, are they successful? Would you like to have more successful hashtag marketing campaigns?

Are you marketing with hashtag campaigns – do you know what they are? If you can spend some time to become familiar with hashtag advertising it could be very lucrative for you business.

There have been some very successful hashtag campaigns carried out by a number of companies, but look around the internet and one that’s getting a lot of attention is the hashtag campaign that Travelocity ran. There are few companies that wouldn’t like to enjoy this kind of success. Let’s look at how you can have your own awesome hashtag marketing campaign.

Now, I will not pick out particular campaigns because there are pros and cons with each company, suffice to say that the big players in online marketing and their businesses have latched like leeches on to hashtag marketing. And here’s the thing – you can too. And your efforts can arguably be no less efficient than theirs.

So what’s the sketch?

Do you know what is being discussed in your niche?

If you want to enjoy success in any niche – and that includes this one – you need to be aware of what your followers are already talking about. The best way to do this is to simply ask them and then let them create dialogue amongst one other. For example, if you sell gaming software and you want to know which software your niche is crazy about and looking for from their software – just ask them.

Use Easy Entry for Contests

Make it easy for them to participate whether that is by prompting dialogue or by running a contest. If you are running a contest minimize your channels and pick two or three ways they can enter. You could use two or three Social Media channels – there are plenty to choose from. Make it easy to entry by keeping the entry form simple and straightforward.

Target Subscriber Behavior

Targeting the behavior of your subscribers can really pay dividends. In Facebook you can do this by selecting them in the advertisement set menu. When you target their behavior you’ll enjoy the benefits.

It’s in the Results

The success of your campaign is in the results you achieve. You can measure social metrics like engagement and impressions. You can also measure brand metrics to determine the growth in brand recognition. There are tons of factors that contribute to your success, but letting your followers have a voice and letting followers inspire other followers can make a huge difference in the success of your marketing campaign.

Understand How to use Hashtags

Everyone is shouting about using hashtags but few understand the subtleties of them, their importance, or even what it is they do. Before you decide to go hashtag crazy make sure that you do your homework and learn more about how they can fit into your marketing strategy, how they function, why they are so important to your tactics and information marketing campaigns. In short, understand how to use them properly.

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