How to Become an Affiliate Marketer – 6 Simple Steps.


“You need your own products”.

Yes, sooner or later you will need your very own products to sell; you cannot achieve the success you seek without having them.

However, until you do have your own, you will still need something to sell to your customers. Fortunately you are in luck because there is an alternative… someone else has created a product for you to sell. There are products already created for your convenience and you just have to take care of the marketing.

So that you can get a complete overview of how this works, here are 6 steps that will guide you sequentially through the sequence:

1. Choosing a niche

Your customers; where are your customers? Who, and what, is your market? It may not fit exactly with your specific interest, but you need to not only choose a niche that interests you, but one that is viable too in terms of being populated by active buyers.

2. Finding Traffic

Different niches will respond in different ways to different traffic generation techniques but the one thing you do need to do is to be where there is an active set of buyers or at least where you get a good sense of activity from people; people who seem like your business would be a good fit for them. Often you will have to make a judgement call, and this will only come with testing and experience. It’s the same path all of the experts have trodden, and there’s no substitute for patience and testing.

4. Email marketing

You need a way to communicate on a regular basis with people – the people in question will ideally be the ones who opt to join your autoresponder list; i.e. you need to builds up a subscriber-base, then though a relationship building process, turn our subscribers in to buyers; it is not a quick process, and you should not try and use or invent ways to speed up the process; the idea is to be the best marketer, not the worst saleswo/man. When you’ve built up some trust, you’ll be ready to offer products, and since you’ll probably have more of your own, this is where affiliate ones are ideal.

5. A product

3. You need to have something to sell to them… enter product choice – you need to choose a product that best fit with their needs. It is very tempting to sign up to very product you see (it’s a free process) but that will get you nowhere. It is important to make sure that the products you choose are a good fit for the needs of your subscribers and their needs swill become apparent though the relationship-building process that you are working on in your autoresponder list though the daily emails you send.

Most products will come with an array of promotional material. Owners want to provide affiliates with the best set of marketing tools they can; their success depends on your success .

6. More products

Start with one product, maybe two or three, but certainly no more. I noted above, but remind you, you not to just go for multiple products just because you think they look good and will sell; they will probably not.

One thing that is advisable to do is to have one or two in reserve. Sometime and without warning, product owner will pull their products without warning or notice, so you need to keep a tag on what you offer just in case one day you’re selling something that is no longer available. Develop a keen eye, because when this happens you can simply substitute one product for another.

As you find out more about the needs of your subscribers and buyers, you can find more products to address their developing needs.

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