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connecting, communicating, and teaching your knowledge to people, then read on…

– Introduction:

Following occupations, first in the UK knitwear/clothing industry, then motor sport engineering, mainly production in the area of carbon fibre (fiber) composites and wind-tunnel aerodynamics testing in F1 racing, I am now involved in the online “Information Business“.

The “information business” is something I started messing around with as a weekend hobby but was quickly gripped with the potential of its business opportunities. Passing onto others what I learn and discover, inspires me, and as I learned (and contnue to learn more every day), this can be taught and delivered through various channels of digital communication, thanks to the Internet.

It’s a great way to build a business – that’s what I think anyway!

It is also fulfilling to help people who struggle with general (any) digital skills, particularly adults* who were not born into the “Information Technology” Revolution.

Now YOU can get help from a marketer with a varied background. I am probably the only marketer who had such a varied line of experience, and interests that have come together for me, and according to my searches in Google etc. there is no one else who can offer help with building a business on the Internet in quite the same way and from the same set of perspectives as I can.

Why not take advantage of someone who can bring an array of different elements to your table… ? and help you to apply this unique combination to benefit your online business.

– So, just what is the “Information Business”?

It is a business that is centered on providing people with information in many ways (usually digitally based) about methods that will help them to move from where they are now, to where they want to be (or where they want to get to).

In other words it is a structured approach that will help them improve doing something they want to be better at, through the process of using, learning, and most importantly applying what they learn, a process that I deliver through information-based coaching and training programs.

– So why do I do it, and most importantly, what’s in for YOU – why should you learn to do it?

Because everyone wants information about something… all the time… 24/7.

People want information for how to get something, be something, do something, and the someting list is endless. Anyone who can provide information to someone that shows them how to do something (anything) has a potential to build a business . I find that very exciting

– My approach:

I spend a lot of time mapping out ways to develop the ways my business can help others and move it forwards to further help them. That usually involves a lot of restructuring along the way, depending on what people need as they move on through an evolving process…. there’s never a one-size-fits-all, and often people’s strategy changed as their business grows.

As i said there is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach to operating a website (online business) that appeals to everyone – even if everyone I communicate with is in the same “niche”.

The information business cannot be static, it moves all the time. As I get more ideas and thoughts about information and coaching, my business changes in terms of what I deliver and how I deliver it.

> I think one of the biggest problems in the Information age is communication.

And I do not mean the hardware or software or computers or cell phones etc, I mean the ability and capability of one person, or several people, to connect, engage, and communicate meaningfully and efficiently with one another, so that two or more people can understand and benefit from what the other is saying, advising, or instructing.

> The communication can be written, verbal, or visual, depending on your purpose OR subscriber/client preference

For most of this time (working on my business), I am in deep thought… which touches on another affliction of human nature – concentration.

I still have to work on keeping focused and not get distracted from everything that people can be distracted by. It is about discipline and where you see your priorities.

If you are looking to build a part or full time business online, but when you get home from work all you want to do is sit down and watch TV, then obviously the TV show is more important to you than building a business online …

There is no room for “buts” and only you can decide.

By way of example, of one the main methods of communication is with writing articles, and the beauty of articles is that you can either write your own or outsource to provider; outsourcers provide an article writing service to clients.

Once written, the owner then has received content they can upload to their websites, blog, online publisher, or wherever. Once content has been written (created), and assuming the purchaser is happy with it, they automatically have full copyright upon receipt of exchange.

You might well ask “why don’t they write their own content?”

Simple… successful online business owners work on, not in their business, and that means they outsource a lot of daily tasks; writing content is one of them.

I write more for my own content marketing now but If you go to silverghostwriting.com you will see what I mean. A lot of my content is also published here, where it can be syndicated by other online publishers.

Another important factor here is that every article constitutes or presents a small part of what is more fully explained in a digitally downloadable “product”… i.e the article is a “taster ” of your business .

More and more, I am focusing on bringing mentoring and coaching into my plans. I will be offering an Internet communicating & marketing coaching service, through the three formats mentioned above and am soon launching a monthly subscription membership at infobusinessmembership.com, to add to my interests 🙂

I am mainly marketing my business through content marketing, which means blogs and directories, and soon I will be publishing a YouTube channel , Pinterest, Slideshare, etc. too because these media act pretty much as search engines too.

If you read my articles you will have learned that these three media are pretty much the only way people get information – on or off line.

This is actually a convenient point to suggest that there are only really two methods for delivery of content… by words (since it could be argued that audio and writing are just different ways to deliver words) and by visuals, which covers static pictures, and movies.

I create or formulate digitally-based coaching products that are alternative options to getting direct access to me, but are still based on the needs of prospects and clients.

(If I don’t have a product that will be a good fit for showing you how to get a particular result, I will source and suggest a product that someone else has created, and for that I will receive a small commission, should you decide to invest. )

The products will be mainly downloadable digital ones, as I believe that for the small business owner this is easiest and quickest way to provide coaching for clients. There is not much that you cannot download that you cannot get instant access to when digital downloads are delivered.

But, that is not to say that tangible goods such as CDs and DVDs are not good too – if I think they will help with what you get from my coaching. I will make those options available in due course.

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Do I offer any guarantees?

Only to make myself available to you. I cannot offer goal-based guarantees because I have no idea how hard you will work, or how you will respond to challenges and the way your business evolves.

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Ian Jackson


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