Making Time for Your Online Information Business


Time is precious…

What are you doing with your time? – yes, right now

Whatever you‘re doing with it, make sure you’re happy with it because time is our most valuable and elusive commodity and cannot be replaced.

Wasted time is our deepest crime, so “activities” such as getting bored, watching too much TV, surfing around rubbish sites and irrelevant information, too many hours spent on social media… where do they really get you in life? They are instant pleasures, instant… and short-lived because they are void of any substance.

Wouldn’t it be much better to redirect your time to something much more productive and useful instead?

I think it would.

Not easy though is it?

I know.

You have too many demands.

Then perhaps it’s time you rearranged those demands… I bet most of those things that are so demanding of your time can be prioritized and organized into small chunks of “demands” that when carefully overviewed and re-evaluated, could free-up several hours during one week, and even more for one month. Imagine a year!

Think of the top 10, even the top 100 people you most aspire to be like, or whose lifestyles you admire. Do you think these people have less demands than you?

Well they don’t, and in fact they probably have more. The difference is that they have learned how to prioritize and developed habits enabling them to be selective. They won’t and don’t waste precious time doing things that do not contribute to their continued strive for success, in whatever format success is to them.

Organize your hours as soon as you can; it’s never too late to create a better-organized lifestyle; you’re never too old to make better use of your hours, and the sooner you do it, the less time you’ll spend contemplating why you didn’t, or have not done in the past.

I will repeat this often because I think it is worth it; it does not matter where you are starting from, or how intelligent you see yourself when measured against others because time doesn’t take sides or discriminate – it is fair to all, the minute of one girl or guy is the same length as that of any other girl or guy. What does matter is your willingness and attitude; those two characteristics will prevail over everything else. Those two characteristics have been time well spent for every success story in the World… you can do the same.

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