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Get it good and quit fussing about irrelevant details

I have thought long and hard about getting more content published that will help more people and if I spend too long over thinking things through and becoming obsessed with small things that will not affect my overall objectives, nothing will get to the people I want to help because I will spend too much time with details that are inconsequential to my audience, readers, subscribers, prospect, and clients

My overall objectives are to increase the number of people that I can help.

It is the same for you – just work to get your information out to the people you want to reach.

you focus should be on quality information that will people will benefit from rather than trying to perfect every last details because you’re concerned they will think badly of you.

Frankly the ones who thin badly of you for making a small error are probably not the kind who would prove to be interested in long-term training with you anyway.

You will not appeal to everyone because no trainer, teacher, coach, or expert can or ever will, and your position in the market potential in the online information business niche will not collapse because someone prefers to invest in someone other than you for their training.

There are a few traits that you need to internalize:

  • If you want to become successful in this business you can because there’s room for everyone, but you need to balance a few things so that you can move forward.
  • It is easy to procrastinate because there is so much online that will do its utmost to distract you – so focus is paramount.
  • You may even NEED to invest in a coach or teacher. You WILL need to be willing to learn and discover new things, and be prepared to invest accordingly. Hard work costs nothing but your time, so that is up to you.
  • Producing good content is one thing but don’t get this confused with perfection – because perfecting will render you immobile… it doesn’t exist. Ask yourself which you would prefer, results or perfection? you cannot have both.
  • You cannot possibly hope to please all the people all of the time, so don’t try to because it will slow you don’t. If what you write and/or record is good, informative, and positioned in the right places, people will find you.

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