Creating Content for Your Online Information Business with Your State of Mind – Just Do it.


Somewhere along the way in your Internet activities, writing articles is something you will find that you cannot get away with not doing if you want success in the Internet marketing information business of.

If you can get as far as to be reading this, it is certain that you have the ability to write articles too.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t believe you can write articles you never will. If you can’t now, but believe you can and will, then you can, and you will.

What drove me on were thoughts about how (when I correctly positioned myself) how many people I could help by learning how to write articles that introduced readers to my business; my business being coaching and training people to communicate effectively online.

The amount that’s left on the table by not learning to write articles is staggering, and I keep on learning it every day.

The way I learned was by investing several dollars in downloadable/digital “how-to write articles” products, and then just began learning and writing according the Author’s instructions.

I felt I was still only getting half the story though, and was always left with that common feeling “well yes, but…”

Those instructions are usually about how to formulate a template into which you can write your words, along with an example or two chucked in for good measure.

I find the problem with that approach is that they are not usually very sympathetic to those who are fearful of actually getting words typed into their word processor.

I think it is a form of writer’s block – and possibly a fear of the keyboard too.

Also, there is a deeper, more fundamental issue in my opinion.

Most of the people, like you perhaps – are here because they want or need online rewards immediately… right?

They are desperate for rewards.

Now, these rewards could be financial or non-financial, but either way, there is one common denominator.

You – presumably – have a deep desire, a craving, to get your business in front of visitors, traffic, prospects and so on (who doesn’t?), for them to like what you are saying, and become interested in getting to know more about you and how you can help them… regardless of their aspirations.

This theme can be applied to any – ANY – niche, business, or market.

And everyone craves these rewards… now.


This is a mindset that needs adjusting, because frankly it doesn’t get you too far; trust me I’ve tried it, and so have many more, who incidentally, decided instead to give up a few hours a week to learn the craft and went on to be very successful article writers.

I think writing is an essential, vital, part of communication. Online it is certainly one of the few (words, graphics, and video) media through which EVERYONE gets or passes on their information – about anything.

If you are with me so far, that’s great. I hope you can see that I’m bringing article writing to you attention because with the exception of direct access to you it is one of the most, if not the most, powerful tool though which you can communicate in your online business.

Along with the investment I alluded to earlier, practice is vital. Unless you actually begin to start writing (or typing) how are you going to get any words down anyway?

So start to write or type something. Look around you, what do you see? What are you going to do today?

Where did you go yesterday?

Try and describe what you want to do with your business online.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

It really does not matter what you write because the point is just to get used to getting something on your piece of paper or screen.

Now, if it makes no sense at all – who cares? no one’s going to read it – it isn’t being published, or who knows, maybe by the time you’ve written for 15 minutes, you might end up with such a good account of what you’re going to do online today that you could just end up with something that would be useful to other too – so why no publish it!

And if you do, please, please, publish it to your own website first! When it’s indexed by Google, you can approach other publishers to see if they’re interested (syndication).

Going through the process of what I’ve just described is a great way to get “into the groove” of writing.

The biggest fear is that as you write your mind may wander (doesn’t matter), and often you will be thinking “is there something more important, something more tangible, that will actually get traffic to my website”.

No there isn’t; what you are doing is just fine, and far more productive than just sitting staring out of your window getting into a thought-paralysis about all the reasons think are stopping you from writing.

A couple of other ways to get some practice (and I mean practice) are to just write out something, anything, from something already published. You can choose something online, in your newspaper, a book, magazine… you get the idea.

Write out a few for yourself; because you’re not doing anything with it, which would be obviously illegal, you can do as you please. I said e into the right frame of mind and after writing several thousand words, it will get easier, and like anything else, you’ll develop towards flying on your own.

Another source of practice is from Private Label Rights (PLR) sources.

Although I would not necessarily advocate this kind of use, they make for good exercises and ideas. They’re intended for you to use as material for rewriting, but I wouldn’t, and would not advise you to either. Ultimately it’s your decision.

What you need to understand is that they’re written for the mass market and quantity usually prioritizes quality.

So, what are you going to do? Carry on pondering about how you cannot or won’t even try, even have a go, at writing articles… or quit wondering, put some ideas into practice, and get on with it? For me it was a simple choice.

You might have to go and get some basic tutelage for sentence structure and grammar, but again, it comes down to the strength of your desire to succeed, and what it would mean to you to be able to write articles.

Once you have that confidence, there are so many other opportunities available and places you can take your new skills it, even repurposing it.

I think that once you have gone through the teething process and really get into it, get into a roll with it, you will begin to enjoy it, it will become addictive; you will come to realize its power and versatility.

There are absolutely no boundaries or limiting factors that affect what you write or how you write it – within reason of course. For me and many marketers/coaches, it is the engine room of our business and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

There is a demand for good articles; I am not saying that all mine are perfect but I love the process of trying to achieve results (helping readers like you) from them and if there are imperfections, then so be it, I hope I can at least get my fundamental message across.

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