Creating Content Based on the Needs of Your Audience.


By far the best way to create content is when your audience tell you what they want to learn about. From what they tell you, you cannot deny not knowing what they want now – because they have told you.

Can I give you 3 ways to find out where they are telling you what they want and need? Sure I can. They tell you in email feedback, they tell you in forums, and they tell you in Social Media.

So let’s take a closer look at these 3 places:

1. Your subscribers offer the most potential for finding out what your audience needs, indeed they have already placed some trust in you by subscribing to your business in the first place.

Now you need to know what is on their minds and more to the point what’s making their minds frustrated. What are their sticking points and how can you help them maneuver around these blocks to further their plans? Send emails asking them how they’re getting stuck, and they’ll tell you. You won’t get an answer from everyone but as you gather more subscribers when you publish more content, you will get sufficient and ongoing number who will take the time to respond to your questionnaires. The good thing here is that it’s not a one-trick pony; you may go through several iterations with this before reaching a point at which you should suggest they invest more deeply in you – you can then direct them to a sales page for your training.

2. It is a matter of debate which carries more weight, forums or Social Media. I think both are important and offer different opportunities. Forums offer members a great opportunity to mingle and make their presence known in more of an “open plan” manner. Their community-based environment is fertile for distractions but on the other hand they are dedicated in terms of niche focus. Building relationships are by virtue of advertising and “Biography signature” facilities. Forums were leaders in community based platforms. As I mentioned, forums offer excellent advertising and promotional opportunities… the Warrior forum is a good example.

3. Social Media has spawned millions of links for people in the sense of one to one personal connections. What has appeared in recent times is the facility to create specialized and specialist groups, which has been good news for us in the online information business as we can directly place our comments and advice to a highly targeted demographic in what are fast becoming the main place for online users to spend their time.

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