Hints on Creating Content That Entices and Appeals to Your Customers


There is no way you will ever get anywhere or have success online if you don’t have any content.

Why? Because it is the ONLY way that anyone will find you. Content is multi-functional; it is the power-house and engine room of your business, and the force that drives it forwards.

With the best will in the World, even if your content is spot on, not everyone will like it, so as well as creating quality content (which must be a given), create plenty of it and make sure to meet with the questions that are always being asked in your business niche.

Here are 5 things to consider:

1. You own point of view

People are always looking for advice and often struggle to find it in exactly a way that suits them. When they do find it, it is not always tailored to the best advantage, and it is often understood by only a fraction of the actual number of readers in your niche. There is more often than not, an opportunity for you to “box-clever” and offer broader perspective on existing material and make for a wider appeal. Also add twists of originality too; often adding an analogy is an appealing way to explain things in your own style.

2. Let’s go viral

Along similar lines there is a lot of content online that is from shared sources. Take heed of what is popular by way of which ones get the most shares (this is a good example of viral marketing), and repurpose it into a different flavor – one that is in your own voice. I guarantee it will read differently in another (your) voice and it is certainly not copying if (and you must) you offer it in a different context and perspective.

3. Endear your audience to your content

A constant feed of food quality content will cement the status of you as an expert in your field and people will come to expect you supply of quality information. This will not be easy to do; simply but not easy, and you must keep on doing your own research and education as a teacher in the online information business niche.

4. It should all be you own work

Good quality content and uniqueness of your own style is key to all this. Originality is King in the business of niche marketing and providing you keep up a good level of quality, your audience and the search engines will favor and prioritize you.

5. Final touches.

Good grammar and correct spelling are never lost on those seeking quality information. A few errors here and there will not count for anything but overall sloppiness is something you won’t get away with for long, particularly if you are submitting to sites that are not your own.

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