Communicating – How Trust-Based Dialogue Leads to Coaching


Ask your subscribers what they want to understand.

They presumably do have things that they cannot do because if they didn’t they would not have opted in to your list.

Now that they have, it is your duty to dig into how you can be of service and you start by asking them a series of questions.

You have to begin in a somewhat general tone because you are so far, unfamiliar with one another; they are unfamiliar with you because they are yet to discover how you work as a coach, teacher, or trainer. And you do not know them or how hard they will work, how well they will apply what you tell them end so on.

So, let’s assume you have sent out a group survey by email and you get a few replies to the specific question you have asked “what are your 3 biggest challenges?”.

Now, when you get replies to this from say 10 subscribers, you can respond to them individually – because you know your niche (you certainly should do), your answer will only take a about 10-15 minutes, if that long.

As your communication with them become more personal with each set of ongoing dialogue, their trust in you will also mature, or it should do if you are doing things correctly.

The opportunity to create products based on these communications will naturally occur.

At some point you need to tell them that to gain any further help, deeper help, it will be desirable for them to enroll in your one to one coaching program for up to one hour a week, for six weeks.

This is just an example but there are many ways to structure this depending on individual tending toward a deeply personal insight for them into how to take their online information business forward.

If you get little response to you survey, don’t quit. Keep recruiting subscribers by publishing more information to your website and comment on posts through blogs, social media, and other channels such as forums. What you will be doing is adding to your growing presence in your niche and increasing your opt-in numbers; hence generating more feedback for your surveys. If your emails are sufficiently enticing to attract a dialogue type response you will soon be adequately furnished with subscribers who will be getting to know you.

What will help to secure feedback is to make the process as simple as you can – ask your subscribers to just hit their reply button to your email.

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