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You are in business to sell your services, that’s why anyone is in business.

The crucial point to grasp is that there are ways to sell, and ways not to sell.

In this article I want to show you how you can sell your products and stay in tune with the people you’re selling to… unlike those used cars, vacuum cleaner, and MLM sales men and saleswomen whose only objective is to push their creator-derived products onto you for your money, then move onto the next girl or guy to extract some more money.

Here are 3 things to learn, internalize, and adopt for your best business practice:

1. You must re-think what is an incorrect way of thinking, and from this point forward I want you to think only in the mindset of being online to help people. The whole modus operandi of your business must be to assist everyone who places a degree of trust in you to do so because they see that you are trying to help them.

This attitude has to be the unshakeable foundation of your online activity.

2. You will be creating lots of content; content is essentially the way you give a brief insight into what and how you can help people to do or achieve whatever they want to do or achieve; in this context it is to build an online information business that is worthy of investment from your audience. Over the years I have seen some quite dire articles being published by the supposed flagships of article submission websites. This is not an excuse for you to be more relaxed about the quality of what you publish – on the contrary it should inspire you to write better content and stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Everything you publish online whether it be an article, comment, recording, or video must inspire your readers to feel inspired. It not an easy process and to achieve your objectives will probably take days or weeks of practice. Anyone who markets a product promising otherwise should be treated with caution.

3. Do not miss a day; make it your priority to write ant leat a couple of article evry day – about 400 words (I tend to write no less than 400). Here’s the thing – you more you write, or type, the easier it will become.

So there are 3 aspects for you to think about – but do not over think because that leads to procrastination and the bottom line is that you definitely want results; not perfection. More often than not you cannot have both.

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