You Can Look Beyond Video Channels to Monetize Your Recordings


In addition to my YouTube channel, I was wondering if there are other platforms to monetize videos. I have uploaded a few videos to my Facebook channel, but as far as I know there is no way to monetize yet. Is there anywhere else?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions

A quick search through Google will present an array of choice, with plenty of alternatives for places to upload your audio (MP3) and video (MP4) content.

You don’t need to feel restricted by these channels either.

Video is one powerful marketing tool and anywhere you publish content is likely to support the uploading of most of the file extension types that we use as Internet marketers.

It is not too much of a step to embed you recordings anywhere you choose; websites, blogs, social media – literally anywhere that facilitates an embedded code to be placed is an opportunity for you to upload recorded content.

For example, regardless of where and how you have created a recording (either audio or video) your content will have an file extension identification of one kind or another, and can be uploaded to wherever you wish to upload, but like you can with any other kind of document. It really is that simple.

Most platforms have both the “link” icon somewhere in their interface, and the so all you n

So, let’s say you have a recording you want to publish to WordPress. This is an easy one – you have a WordPress website and want upload a recording you have made, so it is no more difficult than clicking in the upload media button right above where you are writing your new post.

And to embed a link, you can either highlight a section of text that you would like as a live link, then click on the “link” icon (then follow the prompt box) then click on the link icon, as you would in a word document, or click straight onto the link icon and edit in whatever address you need. It’s a very simple process, and if you get stuck, you can find out how to do it on YouTube. Actually I’ll record something and the add a link to it for you convenience.

It’s a similar process in most document formats, website platforms, and web editors; none of them should take more than a few minutes to grasp.

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