How Badly Do You Crave an Increase to Your Potential Online?


First, YOU have to want to change – BADLY.

I thought I wanted to change but needed to prove it to myself first, and that meant backing off from more than a couple of interests I have that had preoccupied much of my life, right from childhood.

One of my interests is a passion for motor racing, and I managed to change from employment in the knitwear industry and earn my living being part of Formula 1 racing for over 25 years.

I gave up my house, my home town, a possessive girlfriend, my sports car, and pretty much winged it into the unknown.

Apart from business online, my passion is machinery, and when it comes together into a package that gives me spine-tingling experiences, through the delivery of men and women performing to the outer limits of their comfort zones then something happen inside me that sets me alight; for those of religious persuasion, Formula 1 motor racing (Grand Prix racing) was one of those unique experiences that brought me close to “my” God.

Sadly these days it has all changed, having been influenced by Information technology and succumbed to those who want to rid the World of the internal combustion engine.

So be it.

I had to change.

And not only change, but internalize my need for change – I had to CRAVE change; I needed good reason to change.

I wanted to help people to be able to make changes for themselves too, to show them how to change, that it could be done.

Fortunately in recent years I have discovered a vast new and exciting (in a different way) World; Internet marketing, and the ability to make, create, and build complete businesses online – everything can be done in a space less than half a meter squared.

I think that is phenomenal.

And it is a business, shop, forum, opportunity that is open 24/7 all year round.

There are good ways to become part of it, and not so good ways.

I have used both.

This 3 dimensional platform certainly has no closed doors for those who seek the riches contained therein.

There are a couple of crucial factor that one must adopt in order to achieve success; success is measured however YOU want to measure it.

Success is usually measured in financial terms, and is definitely the default expectation for the majority seeking to become successful “online”.

But, there are plenty of people who crave success from other things besides money.

They might desire to be better at something:




Pet care


Home furnishings




And so on, ad infinitum

The list is inexhaustible, and each is a vast subject in itself.

The last one, coaching, is what I build my business upon; the formulation and delivery of various digital based coaching programs that help people move from one place on their online business, to another, better position. The principles can be applied in off line coaching too.

People can be coached in anything you care to name, but like anything else, there are good and not so good coaches and some coach/student relationships work better or worse than others. A coach that is suitable for you may not be suitable for someone else, and so on.

I didn’t think I would need a coach or mentor at all, but having listened to others and meeting one or two at events, I decided I would invest in one. I tried a few, but couldn’t find the synergy I required. In a way it’s a bit like an exercise in research and development; you have to try a few to figure which one best fits with your requirements and personality.

I have found two (and currently invest in one of them); both coach from very different perspectives, but the end game is the same. It hasn’t been cheap, but have they been worth my investment ($1000’s by the way)?

Yes – absolutely.

Maybe you can make it without a coach or mentor, but that’s for you to decide. I know I will keep on investing in mine.

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