Aspects of Helping people – It is the Purpose of Your Business


Communicating is a major factor in success, and the following 3 aspects will help the purpose of your business

The success of a business depends upon how well you can help the people you become involved with, and that depends on your depth of communication.

The whole point of having an online platform for business is for the objective of helping people, and for that to happen there are 3 things you need to do, and they imply the application of being able to communicate properly. The 3 aspects are:

1) Positioning yourself so that people know you’re there in the first place, 2) building up a bond of trust, and 3) developing the trust

Does your target market know you’re there?

No, not unless you advertise yourself, and there are so many channels through which you can position yourself strategically in the sights of the people you know you can help.

Because the online world is so vast, there is no way you will be able to open fire, all guns blazing, and market yourself in every possible avenue.

That approach will tire you and in any case no-one will find you; no one that would be interested in you anyway, it’s all too random.

It is being specific that counts and getting yourself right in front of the people you wish to attract, and that means spreading your presence in the exact places where they spend the majority of their time.

So in spite of responding to those experts who promote being successful using whatever type of media they’re promoting, don’t bother.

It’s no good taking them up on their $97 offer of “learn how to build a fortune using Facebook”, if the people who crave the type of help you can give, do not go on Facebook…

makes sense, right?

So you will have to spend a bit of time researching and perusing around online to see which places they go to… could be forums, blogs, social media groups, YouTube etc.

I don’t know because I don’t know your niche, you need to investigate and do some detective work.

2. Second, when you have people who are interested in you and the help you can provide through your business, getting to know one another is your
next priority.

They have trusted you to the point of becoming a member of your list, newsletter, email bulletins, or whatever similar system you operate.

By clicking through to become involved with you in some way, is the first sign they willing to place a little bit of trust in you. Now you must nurture it.

But how?

Deliver more information to them – every day.

Send them information that builds on the information you provide in your articles, YouTube videos, or wherever they found you in the first place.

This is content you will be providing for free, and it’s important that you don’t hold back. Tell them as much as you can though the ability you have to deliver in the context of one-way communication, because that’s what is it for the time being.

This is the basic level of delivering information which is all free. When things become more personal, when they become interested in a deeper level of information, a level that usually implies some level of personal access to you, then your information turns into personal access (and that level of access implies a financial investment).

Why? By providing information… lots of it.

And from doing that you can roll out coaching, teaching, and training products.

3. When you have successfully developed trusting relationships with subscribers, in other words taken them from being subscribers, through to prospects, and turning them from prospects into clients, then that suggests you have been successful in building a client base.

The next move is that of turning clients in to repeat clients. You need more than one offer to be able to do this, and that means having multiple products.

There are two ways you can do this…

One, you can offer related product in the same or a similar price range, and two, you can offer different levels of service, as I alluded to above.

The second one implies running a product “funnel” strategy. And this can happen in two ways too. The basic structure of a funnel is to have low and high end. Low end products are usually up to $100, and high end is arguably… without limit.

Here’s the thing… contrary to popular opinion, it does not matter which way round you approach and apply the funnel strategy, it can and does work both ways and depends entirely on your strategy.

These 3 chief elements all depend on efficient effective delivery and that implied being a good communicator; delivering your knowledge in way that people find endearing and comfortable, and importantly, make them feel that they can progress to where they want to be.

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