Affiliate Marketing – Why I Believe They Should Complement (Not Substitute) Your Own Products.



In this article I want to impart some of my thought to you about the affiliate marketing method that propagates within the online information business.

My advice is that you spend time learning how to create products of your own because it is a skill that is really not that difficult to master – it is more about a “can-do, will-do” mindset than anything else.

There is a lot of information (or misinformation, depending on your point of view) online that suggests that the easy way to begin marketing to people is by promoting affiliate products first, and indeed I have written about building your business this way too.

However I want to bring this subject to you from a slightly different angle in this article so that you can make an informed decision from another perspective.

• I believe that affiliate products are best promoted as complementary or additional revenue streams that can run alongside you own products. It can be too easy to sign up for partnership product or products and lose sight of the fact that you are in the online information business to serve people – to help those who invest their trust in you by subscribing to your list (for example), and not get carried away with what appears to be on the surface, quick money making opportunities. I am all for joint venturing in its many different formats but urge you to recognize the importance of creating you own products too. Obviously when you have your own products you can offer them into the viral market place too.

• Using partner products to enhance you own line is one of the beauties of this kind of marketing. Be mindful though that the only way you should be running campaigns promoting these products is by suggesting that their content may be of value to your members, or that in your opinion, but not to feel obliged.

• When suggesting other people’s products to your membership, do not mix them in the same email campaigns as you own. Likewise for or whatever other campaigns you run using other methods; keep everything separate.

• I believe the affiliate-orientated business is a very good business model, if and when used correctly. But for the quick-buck merchants the route of earning easy money it will not work, certainly not in the long term anyway, and you (I hope) are in this business for the long term

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