Affiliate Marketing – How to Set Up Your Marketing Campaign


Do not hard-sell or bling-sell to people because it will not work. To earn an income from affiliate products you have to have the trust of those who you wish to have invest in you.

This suggests that the process of earning an income or income supplement from partnered products is not a quick one, and neither should it be. That line of thinking is not for this, or any other business in the online information niche.

Here is a plan that will make your decision to be an affiliate marketer for other people’s products much easier:

1. What information do you already give to your readers, subscribers, clients, returning customers…? Indeed anyone who you are involved with in the context of investment coming into your business for access to your knowledge

2. Forget your own gains for a moment. What is it that you want to help your subscribers with by virtue of offering them any particular affiliate product? What and how will they benefit from it, or to look at it in another way… how will they thank you for bringing a product to their attention? Think about these questions because they will bear heavily on how you are perceived by your subscribers; each offering has the possibility of standing as a test of their trust in you.

3. You need to devise a strategy to promote an affiliate product. The best one by far is to have bought and tested it for yourself and then you can give an honest referral. If you buy it and dislike it, why would you offer it to your prospects? – unless you have a very good reason to believe that it would fit their strategy but not yours (you would need intimate knowledge of their strategy for this).

4. How are you going to carry out your strategy? One of the best ways is through an email campaign or social media group (preferably your own), but do send people to a landing page and opt-in first, to build a list 😉

5. If you’re confident that all the previous elements add up to a credible campaign, then it’s time to put it into action; get it uploaded and online at your earliest convenience.

6. Now monitor and asses the progress of your campaign. You should set up a separate landing page for every campaign you run, and for even better analysis of results, try the same product through 3 different landing pages to assess the best one.

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