Affiliate Marketing – How to Choose Products for an Affiliate Marketing Campaign


In this article I am going to give some advice for choosing products for your affiliate marketing campaign; it is a process that acts as a blueprint for you to assess, adjust if necessary and then rinse and repeat when you are getting the results you desire.

Let’s look at Clickbank, JVZoo, and Amazon; they are the 3 of the biggest and most popular for people in the online information business niche.

It is a few years since I registered with Clickbank but it is fairly straightforward and I will assume that the process has not altered too much during the last few years. Their website platform changes periodically but the workings remain roughly the same. So register your details and choose an ID.

As with any website like this, have a bit of a look around first to get yourself familiar with the navigation. With Clickbank, there is not much more to it than searching for what you want in their menus and clicking on the details of the product that you think will be of benefit you your prospects. Go to the “affiliate marketplace”.

Depending on the specific criteria you will need to best fit with your strategy, when you have chosen the product niche you require (left hand menu) will need to choose from the drop-down menus in terms of “popularity”, “keyword”, “gravity” etc. I cannot advise because I do not know your marketing plan. When you have chosen something that meets with your requirements, research the product first before you opt for it, although it’s only a few minutes of your time that will suffer if it doesn’t fit for you later.

JVZoo takes little more groundwork, but it has some good products to choose from. You will need to apply for many of them and the process may not always work if you have zero, or under 5 or 10 sales to your name. Do not let that deter you though – either contact the owner and put a polite enquiry to them or in a worst-case scenario, you may have to beef-up your portfolio with products on JVZoo that are easier to partner with first, then go back to the ones that demand a track record.

There has been much written about Amazon, and I know it is a good platform if you are looking to promote products of the tangible variety. It is a different system than the aforementioned because of exactly that, and also be aware that the commission structure is different (it is usually much less than Clickbank and JVZoo too). Registration procedures are essentially a variation on any other type

For any affiliate product you promote, it should go without saying that you must alter everything your get in their promotional material, not only to render your strategy different, but also to individualize it to suit your own audience.

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