Affiliate Marketing – Exposure Commissions and Sides


The way I see running and developing an online information business, the way forward is with your own product lines.

But you have to start somewhere and although there are strong arguments for and against it, there is an option if you have no products already, which you probably won’t have of you starting out.

I am giving you this information on the basis that you will not take it and use it as an easy route out of creating your own products – ok? It is in addition to, and complementary to, you own products – when you create them

What I want to say before my 3 main points is that I would urge you not to become carried away with money.

Money is the by-product of showing people how to do things, and should not be your chief objective. Of course you are undertaking this opportunity as a means (or alternative means) to earn a living, and that’s fine. But no business survives without putting its clients first, regardless.

Here are 3 elements of affiliate marketing to give you some ideas…

1. Exposure

Regardless of how long you’ve been in this business and how much of a website structure you have in place, the process and strategy is the same. For those of you who are newer to the information business you will have to spend some more time on creating the elements that the others already have in place (i.e. a supply of informative content).

Don’t be deterred than there those with more information for people to read, than you have because everyone started at the zero originally, it’s just a matter of time. So just get going with writing or recording that content and get it uploaded – your readers and listeners are waiting.

Using your list-building model and other plans like viral marketing too (which encompass a wide variety of different avenues, including Social Media), the exposure potential for marketing products you’re partnered to is arguably unlimited.

In the early stages of your business you won’t have such a strong reach but you have to build on it and keep consistent; it’s the only way, and the proven way.

2. Commissions

This is an easy one – you market, promote, and sell, products that other people have made. You have no overheads, no edits, no product-building to do, and as long as you understand the basics of marketing (which you should do if you’re in the online information business), then your job is to plug in suitable products and bring them to the attention of your subscribers or group members.

Be sure to sign with, and apply for (in the case of places like JVZoo), good products with t healthy reputation. It is best if you can invest in the products yourself and test them first – or at least read and thoroughly understand them before you promote them.

3. It is good for both sides

If you are an affiliate there is no workload necessary on the product creation side as everything is done for you. A good product will also benefit from a sales and marketing package too, so you can use the supplied promotional material as a base line for editing the content to suit the specifics of your market place.

For the vendor, it is in effect, a reversal of the above; the responsibility falls to the owner to supply a sales-worth product and to keep their affiliates in the picture if they update or edit anything. A good vendor should always be ready to answer any questions too. I have found that it help s say “answer within … hours (i.e. 24-48 hrs).

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