A Few Thoughts About the Online Information Business – How Do They Resonate With You?


A few Thoughts About Communication Skills – How Does This Resonate With You?

I read a lot of articles and reports online, a lot. I also read a lot off line. And the more I read, the more I find a deep sadness seeping through my mind.


Well, what I am about to say is at the risk of making myself a bit unpopular… unpopular to those who are not too fussed about how they convers with those whose business they desire.

I think people, writers and publishers have lost the ability to communicate and converse properly.

I think people have lost the ability to converse properly in all sorts of ways, for example:

  • Poor grammar
  •  Poor punctuation
  •  Poor sentence structure
  •  Poor paragraph structure

Does this kind of thing resonate with you?

Now, before I come under a wave of protest and someone spots a glaring mistake in this article, I think the aforementioned are a reasonably sized part of the problem, but are probably the easiest fix because they are pretty easy to fix – with a spell checker and other similar software programs, programs that are pre-installed on maybe every computer now.

In my opinion the more profound part of the problem is the method in which information is imparted to readers or listeners.

And that means the way the majority of the would-be Internet business entrepreneurs (or Internet marketing entrepreneurs) communicate to attract their readers, subscribers, prospects, and clients.

Communication in this context is the transfer of information; written, verbally, of visually, from a giver to a receiver, and usually back to the giver, depending on the scenario.

In the first instance you will be in the situation of attracting and connecting with potential subscribers from your niche’s reader base, so think “first impressions”.

Go to somewhere like Ezinearticles.com and take a look at how the top authors present their material.

Go to YouTube and see if you can find them there to, and how they present their business in an audio or visual format.

If they have nothing uploaded, take their keywords or article titles and type them into YouTube and observe what is being said and presented by the marketers who have the highest hit-rate.

It all amount to the same thing

Good communication

Observe them, learn from them.

So, what do you think? Does that resonate with you – does the content that the majority of would-be entrepreneurs publish strike a chord with you?

Do they connect with you?

If so, then they are communicating well and their model is what you should be aiming to assimilate.

If not, if the information they are turns you away, then what they are saying and the way they are saying it is a good lesson in what to avoid.

Of course you cannot, nor will not hit a home run every time, it simply isn’t possible, not even by seasoned experts.

You will not resonate with everyone, but as long as you are providing quality informative content that you are happy with, and offers something that’s unique to you, then the segment of your audience that is worthwhile connecting with…

They will be the ones who will want to know more from you and they are the ones with whom you will want to spend time with forging long term, and profitable relationships.

That’s the way the big players do it because it works for them

You can make it work for you.

But only if you can make a good, concentrated effort.

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