5 Social Media Elements for Your Online Info Business


Here are 5 Social Media aspects that will help you make the most of positioning yourself in front of your audience. Use each one with the other elements of your marketing to complement a plan that covers all bases.

Have a plan for your social media channel

Every Social media marketing idea needs to be backed up by a solid, well thought out strategy. It’s interesting that this will probably be a lot easier in many way for the home based entrepreneur than the multi-billion dollar corporate structures; this is because of infrastructure and the home information business has none so is a lot, lot more versatile in terms of being able to respond to the dynamic and varying needs of its audience, whose desires, wants, moods, and questions change by the day, if not the hour.

Use air event to host a private hangout

The success of social media is often linked to having an open dialogue with your targeted audience. Google+ is a great tool to help you build your list or lists. You can do this a number of ways. One that works great is to combine Google+ hangouts on air with a private community to ensure you have an open dialogue with your audience. Get away from the general chatter and engage with the right audience.

It is imperative to deliver content consistently

There are a number of ways to deliver and one of the quickest is to grow the number of followers you have and be consistent with delivery. Put a proper system into place to make sure you are always providing relevant posts that are valuable and interesting to your audience. Don’t overwhelm your followers by providing the same types of posts repeatedly but instead manage your posts and categories and make sure you are not repeating posts. That said, it often a good thing to say the same thing but to re-contextualize its meaning so that it will have a broader appeal – people get different thing from different perspectives

Implement hashtags strategically

One way to help to increase your social media success is to avoid random hashtags and instead use a strong hashtag that will tie your campaign elements together. Use a hashtag that is both easy to remember and easy to spell. Make sure it’s not already being used by someone else. Once you have your hashtag created you should follow the conversation and then join it.

Try Pinterest – see if it fits with your niche

One of the most popular Social Media channels is Pinterest, but do be wary of your demographic and where it hangs out. The reason I mention this is because although it is popular there is a strong appeal to women so I would suggest you check it out but to test your results over a period of a couple of months.

So there are some guidance notes for you; it would certainly be remiss of you to ignore Social media altogether, but do test to see which channels are the best fit for your information business niche.

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