4 Elements that Show You How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Boosting Your ROI


Facebook is unavoidable if you spend any time at all on the Internet, or even off line.

In many walks of life it has got itself something of a bad reputation, which if one dwells upon the negative headlines, is understandable.

Like anything else it is open to abuse, but the good thing is that it is one of the most incredible tools available for business users. It has a lot of competition on the Social Media circuit, but now of the other channels have quite so much popularity as Facebook… for the time being.

When you can use it to provide information and to bring in new people to your business you will see it in a different light.

So what’s so good about it? This will be new to some, and an insight from another perspective for those with more familiarity – I hope you get at least one thing from the following:

1. Separate Your Desktop and Mobile Ads

The first thing you may have to review is where your advertisements are positioned. This is one of the biggest mistakes made – using the same ads for both mobile and desktop applications. You need to be able to optimize your ads, conversions and bids related to the device they are appearing on. Therefore, you need to have ads designed for mobile devices and desktops to maximize your ROI.

2. Optimize Right Colum Ads and Desktop Newsfeeds Separately

One of the things highly successful marketers do is to create ads that are highly segmented. When you separate the right column ads from the desktop news feed and optimize each campaign by placement, device and options for targeting.

Your desktop newsfeed has images that are much bigger than your right column ads and a structure that is much different. This means the same ad can perform quite differently in different placements, so make sure to optimize each.

3. Test Your Various Images

Images are fundamental to your ad success – in fact, they are considered the most important element – the number 1 reason why a person decides to click on your post (ad). That means it is very important for you to test various images to find the one that is performing the best and has the highest click through rate and conversion rate.

Make sure you also compare images that are performing similarly well to see what is uniquely different between them.

4. Customize Your Call to Action

Fortunately FB advertising facilitates a custom style call to action so that you can edit and choose your own. What I would suggest here is that you undertake plenty of split testing and monitor your results carefully. It will soon become apparent which calls to action outperform others.

Get going with these four elements and give your Facebook strategy a boost.

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