3 Vital Steps to Building a List


To build your business you need to sell things to people because unless you do you do not make any money.

Even if you’re not in the money-making niche, you still need something to sell and need to not just attract people to your business website, but just as importantly when they do find you, you need to ensure they will be attracted sufficiently to want to know more from you – AND to be able to find you again (you have a a lot of competition out there).

So two or three things need to happen to ensure this will happen…

You need to get visitors to your site in the first place, you need a way to bring visitors back to you site again and again, and you need something to give them when they do keep coming back.

How do you get noticed by the people you want to buy from you? First, there’s not way you can rush anything because for a successful long term online information busyness you need to nurture people, not hard-sell to them. And that means starting to build in the trust factor from the outset.

1. Your first job is to go to the places where they go and become part of the same community they belong to – become one of them. Time-serve yourself in these places; leave comment, where you can, contribute if you can, and generally work naturally towards being the helpful expert that will comment helpfully. Some answer may take some research on your part, but that will be excellent practice for you. Most places will allow you to leave a signature link.

2. Your incentivized signature link will lead those who click on it through to your webpage, which, for the sake of list-building, will a landing page complete with a bulleted list of about five or six benefits as to why they should opt-in to your list.

Now, you need to further incentivize your reader with something a little deeper in informative content to that what they have just read or listened to (if your link was from a video), and this represents the call to action to opt-in to your list.

3. Now you have a new subscriber, or subscribers, joining your list, they will require looing after and feeding with daily emails of trust-building information and help before you can move into the territory of having them invest more meaningfully in you.

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