3 Important Ways to Treat Your Subscribers


Subscribers are delicate flowers and need a lot of tender loving c are, a lot of looking after.

It is important to remember that they are your business, a=so regular tending should be second nature – you should not have to think about it.

3 aspects that are vital to keeping happy subscribers are: a constant drip feed of information, asking what pressing problems they have, and treating them like valued members, not numbers.

1. Supplying free information is the fuel for the lifeblood of your business, and you need to give free information not only at the point of subscribing (your general online marketing), but in your incentives and list building too. By list I mean in the emails bulletins you send out every day or every time you schedule an email, whenever it may be. Your schedule will vary a lot and there is simply no one size fits all blueprint for this; it will be down to spit testing and analysis of results.

The information you give will vary in context slightly as more subscribers sign with you and therefore you will get more of a feel for their needs and which way to go with them; like I found, you will realize that there is quite a variance.

2. What do your subscribers want; what do they need? The way to find out these things is easy – you have to ask them. First you have to ask generic questions like “what are your 3 biggest sticking points”. But once you get more of an idea and begin individualizing, use you autoresponder to formulate a email question-set structures that will drill down deeper into what they require and you can tweak according to their exacting needs. As this develops you will be able to witness more personal relationships with you subscribers, and that will lead to the creating of better, more defined products to meet with solving each stage of their business development.

3. Now you’re really rolling and should by this stage be gaining a good understanding of your members. I mentioned numbers, and opf course you cannot possibly deal with hundreds and thousands of people on a one to one basis, it’s impossible. But, and there the thing: the generic information you created when you started out can still be generic, but a lot more detailed and specific because it will be based on actual answers to their actual questions. The other point to note is that by now you will have gained trust and are exchanging your answers for their financial investment in you.

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