3 Aspects of Web Pages That Will Make For a More Appealing Visitor Experience


Webpages can make or break your business. In this article I want to bring to your attention 3 aspects of making a web page more attractive to your readers, visitors and prospects; 3 aspects that will make for a more appealing visitor experience.

I think the simple web pages are the best. The ones that are heavy on informative content, rich in observation or laden with evergreen information are always going to be winners, especially in the eyes of the search engines.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 elements in turn:


Informative content; the whole point of people visiting web pages is to find content that informs them about the topic they’re looking for – about what you’ve read or watched or listened to.

If you want your online information business to succeed, your job is to provide informative content to your readers before you can expect anything else from them.

Naturally you seek to secure their investment at some point, but that’s a little way of yet – at least in terms of providing them with information that will serve as an introduction to what you’re all about; and that is first and foremost what you have to do.

Crucially, and along with that is the trust-building process, also without which you will have no investment. So create the content you must, and it must become an ongoing habit too.


What do I mean by rich in wealthy observation? Easy, you write an account of something you’ve see or read or watched online, and present it in such a way that it provides an insight to your readers.

There are various reasons why you would think about doing this; for example if what you’ve read seems a bit clunky or difficult to tread, and you believe you can present the topic in a better way that will appeal to a wider audience.

What you’re doing, in effect, is to re-frame the information you have found, to make it more appealing.


Supply a feed of evergreen information. Many sub-niches of the online information business are covered, and most of them will require a feed of evergreen, now news information.

Keep to evergreen information when you write or record content, and if you do have a good reason to supply an item that is “news”, it is probably better if you deliver it through (for example) your email and auto responder facility instead.

Inform, re-frame, and evergreen; these are probably the only 3 elements that you need to use to furnish your web pages; everything else is window dressing to make a pleasant visitor experience.

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